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From venues (references upon request):

“Hair Nation is our go to band. They always pack our venue and put on a great show. The care that they put into rehearsing their songs, their choreography, their set list and costumes comes thru in their performance. HN has taken care of me for 4 years as they continually outdraw other acts, and bar sales are typically 30-50% higher with them. We trust HN with our big nights too (New Year’s Eve especially!). They always show up with a great, drama free attitude and put on a fun, exciting show.”
-Carrie B., The Lime (Owner)

“As a talent buyer representing several large casinos and festivals in major markets, I can say that Hair Nation brings 200% to every show I have booked them for. Pro in every way and no prima donnas in this quartet. From the Hard Rock Casino in Lake Tahoe to headlining Aquafest 2017 They keep a dance floor full from the first song till the final chord quits ringing. I give them my highest recommendation.”
-Ron S., Island Productions (Promoter)

"Just so you know: I just got done doing my final walk through the grounds and I got stopped by at least 20 people telling me we should have you guys next year because they had so much fun listening to you and they thought you were awesome!"
-Carol W., Whidbey Island Fair (Promoter)

“Hair Nation is a fun, highly energetic, blast from the 80's past!!! They are true to the band’s name! They stop people in their tracks because they just can't help but to enjoy the music!!! We had the biggest crowd on Saturday July 22nd, then we have had in years! They were so fun and energetic. They even played half an hour longer than they were scheduled. They are truly a great group of men!!!”
-Megan W., Whidbey Island Fair (Promoter)

“I am involved in an organization that sponsors an annual ‘3rd of July’ event. The event draws approximately 5000 people and is going on 26 years. I had the pleasure of hearing Hair Nation play at other venues and made the request for them to play at our event. Hair Nation put on a great show and was the by far the best crowd pleasing band we have utilized, drew the largest number of people in years and was immediately signed to come next year. All of the band members are extremely talented and great people to work with. I appreciate the fact Hair Nation is not one dimensional and provide a wide variety of music from the 80’s. I have heard many other cover bands at a wide variety of venues. I rank Hair Nation as one of the best I have ever heard. I highly recommend Hair Nation for any event or venue.”
-Mark B., Celebrate America Festival (Promoter)

From fans:

“This is my favorite, and easily Seattle’s best, 80's rock band.”
-Steve G., Sound Technician (works for numerous venues and bands throughout Greater Puget Sound)

"Going to see Hair Nation is always so much fun, it's like seeing all your favorite hair bands from the 80's in one concert, the nostalgic clothes and hair from one of the best decades just make the show!"
-Teri H.

"As a child of the 80's, the bands that actually sing and harmonize together with brilliant stage performance dominated my generation. Hair Nation exemplifies those bands and the great music! Their energy, professionalism, and appreciation of their audience makes every one of their shows a fantastic experience!"
-Josh M.

"I have never sang so loud and danced so much! This artistic and engaging band rock every song as it is their own!"
-Mychal P.

“Last night after a long day at work, I decided to go out and scope out a few venues. The Lime, Rose Hill Kirkland, had Hair Nation playing. This band is from Kirkland, and they absolutely rocked the house. There were several other bands present, of which guitarist, singers, drummers all got on stage with Hair Nation and completely tore up the air in that place!
-Mike S.

Bands like Hair Nation, whom recognize other talented musicians in the room, set the bar High for others to recognize how great of a musical Community we have here. I hope their rock and roll and bad ass attitude spreads throughout the other venues in Kirkland, because these musicians and this venue are what a good time with good people is all about.”
-JonErik J.

"Guaranteed FUN, NOSTALGIA and ROCKIN DANCE SONGS too! HAIR NATION has it ALL- and will leave you feeling like you just stepped back into the BEST PART of the 80's! HAIR NATION is the ULTIMATE ROCK MACHINE!"
-Karen K.


Hair Nation - 2022

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