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Well, hello everyone!  The boys in Hair Nation want to send out a huge "Thank You!" for all the support we've been seeing since live music started up again.  Hair Nation have been hard at work making sure we can bring the RAWK to you at your favorite live music venue.  Please check out the "Shows" tab for all our upcoming dates.  Also, the boys have been hard at work woodshedding a new 80's Music project that will be kicking off its shows in the new year. 

                                             So keep an eye out for: 

     Hair Nation Presents:  Weird Science - The Best of the 80's

This new project is going to keep all the great 80's rock Hair Nation normally plays, and add in a bunch of the best 80's pop and new wave hits on top.  But, keep this a secret, because I wasn't supposed to announce this until after the new year.  Oops.....

In addition to all the new things that are coming, Fallen Angel, our authentic tribute to Poison, has started to book shows again.  Please check the calendar here, or on our associated Facebook pages for upcoming dates.

Keep rockin',

Johnny Nightrain

Hair Nation, the region's Ultimate 80's Hair Rock Party Band, recreates the experience of the mid-80's hair rock scene with powerful, high-energy shows that dazzle crowds with authentic 80’s era outfits, humorous banter, and an authentic stage show.  Experience the sounds and antics of Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Gun N’ Roses, and more!

Reviving music from an era when the men looked like women and the women looked like even hotter women, Hair Nation is THE band that really gets a crowd up and rocking, dancing, and singing along.  

And in addition to all the goodies contained on this nifty website, don't forget to visit our Facebook page (icon below) for more photos, videos, your horoscope, tasty recipes, the meaning of life, etc!

Rock on...and see you at a show, or two, or....!

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